I consider coaching to be using my knowledge, experience and observations to help participants to progressively improve their performance  and achieve their goals, I am a coach because I enjoy using my knowledge & experiences in this way.

Originally I used coaching mainly as a means to earn money to fund my own equestrian activities but now I would put the satisfaction gained from coaching above that gained through personal sporting achievement.

There are many varied coaching systems and I am always looking for interesting ways to include new ideas into my system.

I have been fortunate to receive training from many experienced and talented coaches, in particular, the international dressage judge and trainer Pat Manning FBHS who  had a major influence on me, she had a great depth of knowledge and patience and was as enthusiastic coaching simple skills as she was the more advanced ones.

I would always hope the participants I coach enjoy their sport and gain confidence and improve their skill level through that enjoyment.
The participants I coach hold the power as only their achievements and enjoyment can measure my success as a coach.

My role as a coach is to understand the short & long term goals of the participants, to marry these together with my assessment of their capabilities in order to aid the participants to move towards their goals.

I use patience together with knowledge and acquired coaching methods to help participants understand the information and perform the skills required in order to help them achieve those goals.